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About Todd & Christy

Where to start...We were both born and raised, and continue to live, in Vancouver, Washington just across the Columbia river from Portland, Oregon.

We've been married for nearly ten years, about as long as we have had Wheatens!  Zander (Marquee’s Cheap Trick) was our first Wheaten, and two years later, we were blessed to have the opportunity to enter the show world with our second Wheaten, Remy  (Ch Marquee’s Birthday Toast) shown to her championship exclusively by Christy, through this adventure, we grew to become part of a very supportive Wheaten community.

We are hobby breeders breeding “show quality” but all of our dogs are family pets first and foremost.  We give equal consideration to Temperament, Health and Conformation, for a well balanced, healthy, family pet who will be a great representation of the Wheaten Breed.  We are not a “kennel” and breed a litter only occasionally, about once every 2 years or so.  The puppies are whelped and raised for the first 3-4 weeks in our dining room and then move out to our family room/kitchen area, where they get to experience all the noise and chaos of everyday life, making them confident and well socialized.  Christy enjoys producing her newest show project and we find much fulfillment in placing quality puppies with families.  We love getting regular updates and reports from the puppies in our litters.  It makes us very happy to see our puppies become an important part of their new family!

As a member of the SCWTCA, we breed only in accordance with the code of ethics, so if you came to our site looking for a puppy, please visit and read everything on the site.  Then send us an email and we will let you know what our future plans may be for our next litter.  Please keep in mind, we do not ship puppies and so mostly place puppies somewhat locally.  The very occasional puppy that we place out of our area is picked up in person by their new family member.

We are happy to talk to you any time about the realities of Wheatens, the upsides and downsides of owning a Wheaten, or we should say “being owned by a Wheaten”!




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