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Todd and Christy Weagant


"Time of your Life" - sappy yes!  But, you just can't help but fall in love with these guys!  Remy's puppies go home...this is always a tough day for us.

"Puppy Dances" - From Remy's second litter - Just good fun!

"Shake" - This is another one that just makes you smile!  They are from Dublin's litter and are at that age that they start to really show their personalities.

Video Gallery

Over the years we have put together a number of videos featuring the puppies in their first eight weeks.  Here is just a sampling.  Now, by popular request, all can be viewed on iPad and your favorite mobile device.  Enjoy!

"Puppies in Progress" -  it's our first video of Remy's first litter before they could even walk.

The video above we fondly call "Rebel Puppies", it's Remy's first litter as they learn to break out of the whelping box.  Enjoy!

There comes a point that each litter just becomes "silly" and the above video, "Hey, Hey, We're the Puppies", pretty much says it all! 

Video from Dublin's litter, before they could really walk still doing the belly crawl!

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